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02 Mar 2012
by OsiMood

AT&T just decided that unlimited is 3… or 5

AT&T playing Russian Roulette

AT&T playing Russian Roulette

It is done, Mathematics were wrong for thousand of years: there is an end to the infinite and AT&T just decided it would be 3 or 5! on this blog this is not the first time we are sharing with you how AT&T redefined the word “unlimited” and how some of the grandfathered users would still have their unlimited plans saw their mobile connection so restricted that it became useless.

But here it is, AT&T decided to redefine the limits of their unlimited data plan and where it was so far of approximately 2Gb, it is now 3Gb for non-LTE devices and 5Gb for LTE smartphones (or tablet) and all this of course in order to provide the best service to all its users, not at all to make more profit, really, really!!

What brings a few questions to my weird twisted mind:

  • How will AT&T treat you if you have an LTE device in a non-LTE zone?
  • How will AT&T treat you if you have an LTE device in a LTE zone but you disable 4G to save battery on your device?
  • Will AT&T authorize tethering for 5Gb users like can 5Gb tiered data plan owners?
  • What happen if I switch my SIM card between a 3G and LTE phone? 4Gb?
  • What happen to customers like me who have “4G” phones according to AT&T advertising but is not LTE? Does it become 3G all of a sudden?
  • Is AT&T doing that to make you purchase a new “4G” device and renew your two years contract?
  • Is AT&T doing that to push users to LTE so they can stop investing on 3G infrastructure and push forward on LTE?

If you have any other question that you would love to share, feel free as I can continue for hours.

AT&T you surprise me more and more everyday but never for the best. Hopefully people will realize they have cheaper and better alternatives.


Source : BGR

  • KyleTroy

    I’m one of the users to receive this beautiful -.- message from AT&T last night. I found an app that speeds up the connection of your phone to AT&T’s towers so I’ll be using this “fix” to speed my data right back up. I like to consider this “taking what’s mine.”