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01 Oct 2011
by OsiMood

Caution: QR Codes can also be used on Android to push Malware

Like most of you I spend my day with my phone in hand and I come so use it for every little thing. One things I did not like in the past was remembering all the URLs on magazines, websites and all. QR Code was the answer and as you can see even on this site I use them in order to make your (but also my) life easier. I even use them to share my contact details.

No need to type anymore, just scan the code and the phone is “smart” enough to understand what to do with the content of the code! SMART, you said??? Not really!

According to Kaspersky, these code can but used for the worst, rerouting you to an URL with malicious APK or JAR. Once the QR Code scanned, you’re done, the application will install a trojan on your favorite smartphone or tablet. In the given case, the trojan is the modified version of the Jimm application that will send several SMS to overpriced numbers.

You are now warned and know that laziness can be the fastest way to being infected.

Source : Kaspersky